Although the rubber piece that I used for traction turned out

paddle Board

For this build, I tried my hand at skateboard construction using some plywood and some other parts. I also decided to spice things Canada Goose online up by making a land paddle out of PVC canada goose clearance piping. Land paddling is a variation of long boarding that utilizes a paddle for propulsion instead of Canada Goose Online the rider’s foot.Although the rubber piece that I used for traction turned out to be not very effective, I hope to experiment with other materials (ie. toilet plunger, bike tire, etc.) to find something with more grip. Of course, if you don’t want to make the paddle, you are free to skip those steps and canada goose clearance sale simply use the long board regularly.Also you like this project, I’d appreciate canada goose factory sale your vote in the outdoor fitness challenge. Thanks :)Step 1: canadian goose jacket Tools + MaterialsBand saw (or jigsaw) Table saw (or circular saw) Wood fileRaspOrbital Sander Sandpaper Drill Carpenter square MeterstickMaterials:3/4″ Plywood (birch recommended) Polyurethane Longboard trucks and wheels canada goose uk black friday (I got my set here) Griptape3/4″ PVC pipe plugs [x2]3/4″ PVC tee joint canada goose [x2]3/4″ PVC elbow joints [x2]1/2″ x 6″ PVC pipe3/4″ x buy canada goose jacket cheap 60″ PVC pipeCheap massage roller (not the best source of traction)Of course, this project could be accomplished in a variety of alternative ways. I am simply documenting the process that I personally used. Feel free to use other tools that you have on hand. Determine the shape and dimensions of your long board. Longer deck length and wheelbase (distance between the trucks) provide greater stability at the cost of maneuverability. Check out this guide for more information.Once canada goose uk outlet you’ve decided on the specs, it’s time to cut the plywood down to canada goose coats on sale size. Using your proposed deck length and width, mark out the dimensions directly on the wood, then canada goose store saw off the excess material with a table saw (or a handheld circular saw). Make sure to take into account the width of the saw blade.Next, mark the center line of the board using a carpenter square and a meter stick. This will serve as a reference to ensure symmetry. Canada Goose Parka As you draw out your design onto the plywood, constantly use your ruler to ensure that the shapes and lines on each side are equidistant from the center line. For curves, I just traced a couple round objects (ie. the lid of a jar) that were lying around the house, but a compass would be a better option if you have a specific radius canada goose coats measurement in mind. Always wear appropriate eye protection and keep your fingers away from the blade. I would also recommend using a particulate respirator mask when working with wood.As I mentioned earlier, use the table saw to cut the plywood down to the right dimensions. This will make the board easier to handle as you run it under the band saw.With the band saw, slowly cut along the contours of your sketch, allowing the machine to do the work. A helpful tip is to cut lines perpendicular cheap Canada Goose to the curve first (as depicted above). This will make your job a lot easier, especially for the concave sections. Remember that we Canada Goose Coats On Sale are just cutting out the rough outline, so you don’t have to get it perfect. Use a rasp and file to refine the shape of the canada goose uk shop board. Depending on how well you did on the band saw, it may take a while to achieve a natural looking outline. A file with a rounded side is extra handy for smoothing out concave curves. Remember to keep both sides as symmetrical as you can.Next, chamfer the edges of the deck by repeatedly running the rasp lengthwise across the board. By canada goose outlet varying the angle at which you hold the rasp, you will eventually be able to round Canada Goose Outlet out the sides. Use the file for the ends of the deck, since these will likely be too short to use the rasp on.Once you are satisfied with your curves and chamfer, it’s time to pull out the orbital sander. Make sure you have variety of buy canada goose jacket sanding discs, so you can uk canada goose proceed from lower grits (coarser) to higher grits (finer). To save time, focus your efforts on canada goose black friday sale the bottom of the deck, since the top uk canada goose outlet will eventually be covered in grip Canada Goose Jackets tape anyway.Before drilling out the mounting holes, it can be helpful to temporarily attach the trucks to the deck with double sided foam tape. This acts as a guide to keep the drill bit centered and aligned. As for the size of the drill bit, use something roughly equal to the thread diameter of your screws. If you have a drill press, I recommend countersinking the holes so that the screw heads lie flush on the board.

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