We’ve got a great story to tell

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moncler outlet The moncler outlet sale rumored 250 W TDP sounds high, but it’s not bad for a 32 core CPU running at the speeds HKEPC purports moncler outlet jackets to have seen. The site claims the chip will do 4 GHz single core Precision Boost 2 speeds, 3.4 GHz minimum boost speeds across all four 12 nm Ryzen dies, and if all else fails, it’ll hold a 3 GHz base clock. For reference, AMD’s own 32 core, 64 thread Epyc 7601 has to hold to a 2.2 GHz base clock, a 2.7 GHz all core boost speed, and a 3.2 GHz maximum boost clock to stay within a 180 W TDP.. moncler outlet

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