I also wanted to discuss his experience taking part in a

from The Bachelorette

canada goose parka outlet Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland was a fan favorite on The Bachelorette who was sent home too soon. Not long after his departure from the show, the hashtag DiggyForBachelor cropped up on Twitter as viewers lamented the TV loss of this seemingly kind, down to earth and pensive Senior Canada Goose sale Inventory Analyst for Groupon. Because Diggy is observant, intellectual and introspective, I was keen to get his take on what it’s like to be a black man who applied for The Bachelorette, part of a franchise with mostly white contestants historically. I also wanted to discuss his experience taking part in a season with the first ever black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, as well as the drama that went Canada Goose Online down with the guys. canada goose parka outlet

canada http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org goose outlet vancouver I have good friends at work who are huge fans of the show and uk canada goose outlet they thought I had the right personality andwell, being singleThey said ‘Dig you should do the show’ it was them that really buy canada goose jacket pushed me. I filled in a three minute form online and was not expecting it when I got a call one day saying they were interested. I canada goose told my colleagues and they were cheering. I was told a video would really increase my chances of getting selected, but I had so much going on that I didn’t really have time to create the video. I thought ‘if canada goose coats on sale this is where it has to end, uk canada goose I have to be fine with that.’ Despite not having a video, I got a call saying casting would be doing major city visits. They said ‘we’ll meet you in person, canada goose outlet you’ll be interviewed for 30 to 45 minutes.’ When that happened, one of the casting people took me aside and I Canada Goose online was given the opportunity to fly to LA for the final round of casting. After that, I got the call that I’d been cast for the show. canada goose outlet vancouver

canada goose outlet in vancouver I started the process well before, not knowing who the next Bachelorette would be. I’m not sure about the other contestants because it seems that some of them possibly did know Rachel would be The Bachelorette, while others did not. Some were just cast a month before we started filming. I can’t say for sure what individual experiences were like but with me personally, I started before it was made known who the Bachelorette was going to be. canada goose outlet in vancouver

canada goose outlet vip As a black man, you entered this process that I always thought didn’t canada goose uk outlet show enough diversity. Did you feel that way based on past seasons? Did you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette in previous years and were you familiar with contestants? canada goose outlet vip

canada goose outlet reviews I had heard about The Bachelor and The canada goose uk black friday Bachelorette and never really watched. The discussions about race really came to light, I think, because of Rachel being announced. I think the reaction is ‘finally we have some diversity! There’s an African American Bachelorette and it will lead to the cast being more diverse.’ We were all aware of the different audience and the wider reach we would have. I had some of my friends saying that more African American men were going to get into (watching) this season. Personally, I grew up in a very diverse area and I knew going in to the show where the audience is potentially mostly white what we were getting ourselves into. That didn’t really stop us. We all know how to handle canada goose clearance sale ourselves in a given situation canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose jacket outlet Watching recently, I was extremely furious about how he treated Kenny, one of my closest friends in the house, one of the best guys I ever met and the fact that Lee tried to provoke him and to portray him as ‘aggressive,” that really angered me. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet price When Lee called Kenny “aggressive,” did the guys view it as Lee trying to spotlight some sort of racial stereotype? Viewers were all questioning Lee’s motivations since it was discovered that he had written some racially charged tweets in the past. canada goose outlet price

canada goose outlet kokemuksia I can totally understand how viewers might think we all knew what was going on the entire time, but not all of us were aware canada goose uk shop about what was happening between specific cast mates. I knew that Kenny and Lee had a conversation, but I didn’t know exactly what Lee had said. Seeing exactly what was said when I watched the show later cheap Canada Goose on at home, we definitely Canada Goose Jackets would have had an issue had we all known then. I don’t know if it’s ignorance here or if it’s Lee being smarter, trying to come in and stir the pot. We saw in some of his interviews that he likes stirring the canada goose coats pot. He could be saying trigger words on purpose to Kenny just to get under his skin. Had we all seen exactly how it played out, it would have resonated with everyone in the house. canada goose outlet kokemuksia

canada goose outlet ottawa What were your thoughts watching Josiah? He seems larger than life and very sure of himself, he kind of rubbed your fellow cast mate Iggy the wrong way, and I have to say, I heard a podcast interview and it seems you guys all get along now. (That is, except for Lee who is nowhere to be found. I actually tried to track him down to see what he might have to say for himself.) canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose shop uk What I love and what my group chat on Facebook (of the guys who were contestants) loves is that we don’t know a lot of stuff that people say. Like we don’t know what they said in their interviews during filming. It’s great to see it on TV and it’s funny because we KNOW the people now. For instance, I know Josiah is a confident guy and that he does it to be funny. People see him as cocky, but he does things to get a laugh and to get a rise out of people. Getting a chance to sit back and watch him thinking he gets the first impression rose and then Brian gets itthat was just funny to watch! canada goose shop uk

canada goose jacket outlet store A fan named Kay D. asks: Do you view this season as the turning point for the entire franchise? Do you think the show (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) will go back to having mostly white contestants or continue to show diversity? canada goose jacket outlet store

canada goose womens outlet This (season) has shown the network positive things that can happen when they have a diverse cast. Rachel has this appeal to the masses. Every white person that talked to me about the show and about Rachel before the show had great things to say about her. I think that translates and the network will be able to say ‘we saw a good person who is embraced by everyone (regardless of race).’ The viewer turnout has also been a good thing. I do think they’ll try to go for a more diverse cast. canada goose womens outlet

canada goose kensington parka uk Are you involved with Bachelor in Paradise? canada goose kensington parka uk

canada goose outlet woodbury I will be on the upcoming season. I can’t say very much, but long story short, I’m not done with the franchise yet. We’re waiting to get some final information and we should know something shortly. canada goose outlet woodbury

canada goose outlet washington dc Were you there when production for Bachelor in Paradise had to be suspended? canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose outlet locations in toronto I heard on Reality Life with Kate Casey that Demario is also on your group chat to discuss the episodes. I’m assuming you’re cool with him after he was eliminated by Rachel for perhaps having a girlfriend during this process? canada goose outlet locations in toronto

canada goose outlet winnipeg You didn’t think something like that would happen, but Demario addressed it with the media afterwards and said there was some confusion about the status of that relationship. When Rachel told us she sent him home, canada goose black friday sale we had no idea what had happened (that a woman came on and said she was still involved with Demario) until she disclosed it. We were just in shock because when he went off to talk to Rachel, we thought it was for one on one time. The last thing we expected was for him to get sent home. I think Rachel knows exactly what she wants and she’s a great person to take on this duty to be the first African American Bachelorette. She doesn’t want anything to derail her from doing this process the right way. She sees this as a potential way to weed someone out. ‘I’m not going to deal with any nonsense and I’m going to send him home.’ What makes it harder (for the person going home) is the fact that she is a lawyer by trade. She is known for poking holes in stories. That’s what she does as part of her work and I think she Canada Goose Outlet knew ‘I’m not dealing with any of the BS and I’ll see you later.’ canada goose outlet winnipeg

canada goose outlet canada Hannah H. points to Canada Goose Parka fans on social media who criticized Rachel for eliminating most of the black contestants. What are your Canada Goose Coats On Sale thoughts on that? canada goose outlet canada

canada goose jacket outlet uk I honestly don’t think we, the contestants, thought in those terms. She’s canadian goose jacket here to find love, not to find a canada goose store black man who will give her love. I think there are two segments of people out there: one would like her to pick a black man at the end and others would like to see her at least keep some of these men around before she picks whoever she picks. There was probably a lot of pressure on her about how things would be perceived, but in 2017 there are so many interracial couples. I don’t see why her story should be any different. Just because she’s on a national show, I don’t think she has to pick a black man because she’s the first black Bachelorette. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose outlet uk At the end of the day, she’s the one that’s going to get engaged and then marry that person, not anyone else. She was open about the fact that she had never brought a white guy cheap canada goose uk home to her father, so that makes me think that before this she canada goose clearance dated heavily African Americans. What people have to understand is that there was a small pool of guys and there were only 13 of us who were black. You can’t say that just because she doesn’t pick one of us, she doesn’t date black guys canada goose outlet uk.

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